• Bioanalytic Method Development & Sample Analysis

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    IBA is a leading provider of customized bioanalytical assay methods and sample analysis services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostic industries. Our goal is to deliver customized scientific services relevant to drug efficacy, toxicity, and disease through the application of cutting edge knowledge and expertise in the disciplines of biotechnology, proteomics and genomics. These disciplines position IBA as a strong ally for bioanalytical method development, sample analysis and research effort support. IBA’s commitment to science and communication is our greatest asset.

    Method Development:

    IBA has greater than ten years of experience in creating unique and novel approaches to immunobased and cell-based methods.

    Supported platforms and approaches include:

    Multiplexed Technologies
    -Meso-Scale Discovery® Sector Imager®
    -Bio-Rad ®Bio-Plex®
    -Luminex® 100

    Singleplexed Technologies
    -Radioimmunoassay (RIA)
    -Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)

    Cell-based Assay
    -Median Inhibition Concentration

    Sample Analysis

    Because IBA itself is not a manufacturer of assay kits or their supported platforms, IBA offers a unique and unbiased perspective to sample analysis. IBA provides an unbiased evaluation and equips you with methods that are best suited to meet your needs. IBA’s sample analysis services encompass the very same platforms that are offered with our method development. Our focus is to determine what works best for your specific needs.

    Multiplex Biomarker Analysis
    Single Analyte Biomarker Analysis
    Cell-based Assay Services

    Core Research Services:

    The core research facility at IBA is positioned to support your research project or to take it on as our own.

    Biomarker Discovery (validation or revalidation efforts)
    Protein Purification & Characterization
    Molecular Biology
    Antibody Production
    Recombinant Protein Expression